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About us
LLC "Smart Agro Invest"

Focused on the International Commerce since 2008, we are a Trading export and manufacturer with 8 years of experience and a remarkable trajectory, exporting commodities with shipments done to the 5 continents, 8 Internationals Awards won and more than 16 Agents world wide who represent "RW IMPEX" LP.  

LLC "Smart Agro Invest" is a Ukrainian company, which is a branch of a British company in the territory of Ukraine from Rw Impex.

LLC "Smart Agro Invest" has been exporting commodities since 2008 to Rumania, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, UAE, Japan, Malaysia, Egypt, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam.

LLC "Smart Agro Invest"  operates in Ukraine with OTP Bank that assist us with the shipping documentations with the Importer`s bank.

As regarding LLC "Smart Agro Invest" (member of Rw Impex group of companies) is a multinational and experienced enterprise involved in the trader and manufactures business.

LLC "Smart Agro Invest" has given services to Foozy Group and is also an authorized supplier of Tallans Bean in Romania and others benefited groups with more than 1,000 projects successfully concluded.
In the search of expanding to the World Market, our investigation has lead us to certain strategic products that we trade from Ukraine and the World. We are specialized mainly in Cereals, Beans and Wheat Flour, Beef and Chicken HALAL, Honey, Grains, Corn, Barley, Sunflower seed and Sugar.

LLC "Smart Agro Invest" exports the products from Ukraine and resells foreign commodities. We have secured access to the biggest and well-known stockers, cooperatives and exporters for our products. Our regional coverage not only includes Ukraine as core market but also Romania and UAE for the agro commodities sources.

For the secure supply of the foreign commodities we trade, LLC "Smart Agro Invest" has Commercial Agreements to guarantee the continuous supply of cereals, Beans and Wheat Flour, Beef and Chicken HALAL, Honey, Grains, Corn, Barley, Sunflower seed and Sugar.

 "Smart solution in agro questions" 

Smart Agro Invest®
LLC Smart Agro Invest
9, Panasa Myrnogo Street, Kiev, 01011, Ukraine
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