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About the commodities prices and quantities to be supplied by LLC "Smart Agro Invest", please note that we do work with real rates that reflect the stocks exchange international market prices and with quantities based on the export allocations available in each export country for the particular commodity. In this context, we deal with any end buyer or importer that knows this. Here resides the seriousness of the business.

Nowadays the market is contaminated with unserious orders or offers from sources without references and/or without past performance documents that background their capacity and experience to perform. Of course offers from producers, factories, it is unnecessary any reference document because of the qualification of the source. This makes vital the pre verification of any potential source or buyer in order to avoid any unreal party.

For real commodities access, there is no other price than market price which can vary +/- 3 % with final sale price according with discount or premium based on the liquidity of the offered payment method. A supplier with real commodity `in hand` to sell, would be ignorant to sell the material under the market price because real buyers pay market prices.

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