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 The membership includes the pre-exporting and exporting assistance for each operation introduced.

 This membership gives you fee commission rights, overprices allowance, sign confidential Agreements and the reputation of integrating RW IMPEX Group.

 Exclusivity as our exclusive sale agent in a selected country.

 Permanent access for the updated prices of the available commodities.

 As our SAA members, the companies or persons that contact us from your country, will be introduced to you for coordinate the operation with them jointly with us.

 Personalized Corporate Offers. In order to increase the SAA security of their sources and participations in the operations introduced, we have decided to make the Corporate.

 Offer in personal form. With this we will be avoiding undesired bypass and circumvention intents.

 Once the first operation is successfully concluded within this period, the membership is automatically renewed for free for another 12 months as our abroad SAA.

 Permanent communication with members to coordinate efficiently and reduce the communication costs between Seller and SAA.

 For the clients introduced by your side, your participation and fee commission will be honored for the period of 24 months under the terms of the Non Circumvention and Non Disclosure Agreement, UCP 600, Paris.

 Your company and/or name will be shown in the SAA section of our website .

 Periodic offers of the products available.

 Periodic market information of commodities.

 Personalized Corporate Offers with your name and email address on the letterhead to protect your intermediation.

 Original Credential to be presented to 3rd parties.

 Post in our website the product that you have (if the source is an exporter).

 Sample of our range of available products.

 A corporate email account (

 The SAAs are allowed to trade our products and services in the different parts of the globe under our supervision.

If you are interested to work with us integrating our group, solicit information for the membership values and detailed services at

 "Smart solution in agro questions" 

Smart Agro Invest®
LLC Smart Agro Invest
9, Panasa Myrnogo Street, Kiev, 01011, Ukraine
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